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16 Best OFF Page SEO Techniques 2018 to Rank on Google

OFF Page SEO Techniques 2018
OFF Page SEO Techniques 2018
Off page optimization refers to techniques that can be used to improve our website position on Google search engine results page. Many people say that off-page SEO is only to get backlinks from trusted high PR sites but it is completely wrong. Actually it’s the techniques where we can promote/brand our website on Search Engine to get huge amount of visitors to our website.

Note: Google has updated its new algorithm and clearly indicated that BRAND AWARENESS is more important than creating a BUNCH of spam links in the form of OFF Page SEO Techniques.

When it comes to OFF-PAGE SEO techniques the great way to bring traffic to your website are

1. Social bookmarking site

- Do submit to high PR (domain authority) sites and most important part is PLEASE do not spam BECAUSE Google hate spammers. By submitting high quality website you will get new genuine visitors so you can increase traffic to your website within a month if you are effectively participating in social bookmarking site!

2. Directory submission

- Many people says that Directory Submission is a waste of time or your friends may suggest you please don’t do DS (Directory submission).
Even I got so many suggestions but when I gone through analyzing where to submit sites so that I can get quality LINK JUICE! But surprisingly after two - three months my targeted keywords results started showing in GOOGLE first page!!!!!!
SO my advice is how effectively you are participating in submitting HIGH PR (Page Rank) directory submission sites then it’s definitely WORTH DOING IT.

3. Social Media Marketing

- One of the best techniques now a day to bring regular visits to your WEBSITE that are by creating social media sites! By doing this you can make your company website stands out of other websites. But before that you need to sign up for most popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest etc. LOL I know you all are familiar with these sites so I hope no need to teach you people how to CREATE these accounts. Just kidding Bro!!!!!!

4. Blogging

- This is yet another most powerful way to promote your company website to build online reputation. Post attractive content for readers and please do not make your readers get bored so that they won’t stay long in your BLOG! By posting relative & attractive content in your blog tell reader why your website/company stands out from others.

    For Example: Not everybody likes Green Tea but by making GOOD PRESENTATION you can make your readers EYE catchy

    1.GREEN TEA is good for health.
    2. 7 Amazing Health benefits of GREEN TEA.

    Now you only tell which one looks CATCHIER title????
    of course “7 Amazing Health benefits of GREEN TEA

5. Forum Posting

- Create an online discussion board of your own and start a discussion or share your topics with your friends. Make others to help when somebody ask question and you will become expert on those particular topics. By creating discussion forum board you will get credited by GOOGLE Do-Follow Forums links!!!!!!!!

6. Search Engine Submission

- One of the best ways to do Search Engine Submission is by signing in to web master tool >>CRAWL>>Fetch as Google… Believe it or not by doing this within 24 hours you can make your targeted keywords appears on GOOGLE’s Listing!! And submit your website to the most popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Now a day there are some SES (Search Engine Submission) tools called,, are very helpful to index your website.

7. Link Exchange

- write some good content about your friends/business partners on your own blog and you can provide anchor links to their website whenever readers click on it so they will get benefited.
Also tell your friends/business partners to do the same.
By doing this you will get quality link juice which drives to your website.

8. Link Baiting

- As per my years of experience in Digital marketing field I don’t prefer doing Link Baiting because by doing this Google considers your site has copied some other website content and try to take credit to your website/blog….For Example Don’t Be Excited if you think of coping my content and post it in your blog you don’t get credit but you can copy only if you Give credit in your blog that it has been shared from my blog! By doing it you will make your blog eye catchy ….!!!!!!    That’s It

9. Cross Linking

- It’s the art of creating links within the site.  The best example for cross linking is Wikipedia. Did you know total how many Cross Links are there in Wikipedia???? Well even I don’t know because it will be kept on updating by each and every person who contributes in making their website success!

In simple words when I write some content for a particular topic it is not possible to describe all the solutions in one single page right?? So we give link for a particular word and when user click on those links it will go to the new URL page.

10. Photo sharing

- yet another great way to bring visitors who were searching for particular image. Upload your photos to major photo sharing websites such as Pinterest, Flickr, Picasa, Photo Bucket, Picli, etc and let your friends see on them and comment too.

11. Video Promotions

Believe it or not..! You can bring unbelievable traffic to your website when your video is in that high range. You can upload to the websites such as YouTube, daily motion, Metacafe etc. Similar how the content is king on Google likewise Users views are king on YOUTUBE……!!!!!!

12. Business Related Reviews

- Did you know why when you type some keywords in Google it shows map list on Google and especially those who were having highest CLICKS will remain in 1st position in Google map? It’s only because Google give preference to their user experience if they won’t stay long then what’s the use of surfing Google?

Encourage your customers to write reviews like how satisfied they are as your customers, most important thing is that you should not force them. They should write what they feel about your business.

13. Classified submission

- the best example is…..when you have created one E commerce website and you directly want to compete with Amazon and Flipkart …..!!!! Will it be possible?? Definitely NO because they have huge number of back links driving traffic  to their website…. Instead of facing huge competition on globally try make visible in local search in Google…. Try to post unique and attractive post related to your subject and Most important thing is Images you choose.

14. Article submission

- Most of the people don’t try to do this off page technique. I know it will take time to write too much of content and also knows you can’t give anchor text in your article content. But trust me by doing this you will help to bring targeted audience to your website/blog.
Submit to most popular sites such as Ezinearticles, squidoo and hubpages etc

15. PDF submission

- you can share your document in PDF file by uploading it to the popular websites such as Slideshare, scribd and sliderocket etc.
This will index by Google for your targeted keywords. Remember choose your title carefully in these sites because it becomes your web page URL.

16. Pay Per Click(PPC)/Adwords

- When any one of the above techniques you were failed to do then you can go with a Google Adwords. But the main thing is you should not spam and overdo it. Before doing it do a proper plan and do implementation. Because improper title, description and keywords may result to spam of your listing also you will lose your MONEY!!!!!!

If you have any queries related to my article you can comment (NOT spammers Be Careful).

I will try to reply as soon as possible as per my Knowledge.
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